A large law firm
in the small size

The firm provides corporate legal advice to small and medium sized companies in different lines of business.

The firm is “large” by providing extensive experience, thorough business-understanding and an extensive network in Sweden and abroad but “small” by lean administration, high availability, significant commitment and flexible payment structures.

The firm provides experience-based advice together with business focus within the following areas: mergers & acquisitions, corporate, commercial contracts, commercial rental and real property.

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

The firm assists Swedish and non-Swedish clients in sale and purchase of companies and assets. The assistance includes the entire process from initial contacts and discussions, drafting letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements and similar documents, performance of due diligence, drafting the transaction documents, participation at negotiations and signing/closing etc.

Commercial contracts

The firm negotiates and drafts contracts with the purpose of achieving, promptly and efficiently, the best possible result for the client. Examples of contracts are agency, commission, distribution, license, co-operation, sale- and purchase contracts.


The firm manages formation of companies, board matters, general meetings of shareholders, liability matters, issue of new shares, convertibles and option programs.

Commercial rental and real property

The firm assists Swedish and non-Swedish clients in sale and purchase of properties and property portfolios, provides advice regarding commercial rental arrangements, leaseholds and easements.

Fee structure

The firm provides different fee structures based on the clients demands, e.g. current account, fixed fee (per day, per project or for a defined part of a project) and retainer fee arrangements.

The firm’s core values:

Business understanding

With a genuine interest for and
focus on the client’s business


Based on knowledge
and experience


With focus on the business of
the client by proactive thinking

About Ulf Sallnäs

Ulf Sallnäs has an MBA and a law degree.
He has more than thirty years experience from qualified corporate legal work as in-house lawyer of an international group of companies and as lawyer at some of the leading law firms in Sweden.

Ulf Sallnäs has during a considerable period of time provided legal advice in complex private transactions and has, therefore, the knowledge and experience needed to assist the clients in matters that are part of such transactions. Further, he can provide current legal advice or advice on an ad hoc-basis. He is part of an extensive informal network of specialists.

He is a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 1990.

Professional experience

Advokatfirman Sallnäs (founder)

Advokatfirman Vinge (partner)

Danowsky & Partners Advokatbyrå
(co-founder and partner)

Advokatfirman Lagerlöf
(Lagerlöf & Leman, presently Linklaters, associate)

Boliden AB/Trelleborg AB
(corporate counsel)

Service at Swedish Courts
(court-clerk, junior judge at Svea Court of Appeal)


Uppsala University (LL.M.)

Linköping University (MBA)




(“The real estate broker”)